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Topic of the bachelor thesis:

Development of a stereoscopic application for mobile devices in the context of hybrid 3D games

With regard to the topic, it was my job to develop a game with hybrid properties. Hybrid, in the sense that it is both in the real, haptic world works as well as in the virtual, optical world, in application of the so-called 3D box. The games should only last a few minutes for the user To be carried away completely from reality and to prevent immersion. The first, but ultimately also the final, idea was to play with to link a book. The user should deal with the book, internalize the content in the usual way and additionally have the option of exploring a parallel world in a playful way can. This should partly reflect the context of the actual story as well as revealing new content that cannot be found in the book are.


The book should be peppered with markers on many pages. Through this a wide variety of applications should be triggered, be it in optical form using the Open Dive plug-in to create a virtual, to represent the three-dimensional world in the 3D box, or in an acoustic Form by playing sounds, ambient noises or even Music that makes the reading experience more atmospheric. The focus of the hybrid mini-games is ultimately on the Use of the box with the book. The box works so that it doesn't is attached to the head as in normal head-up displays, but quickly to the eyes, as well as quickly removed from it can be. You can quickly immerse yourself in the world of mini-games and quickly out of it again to enter the haptic, real world reach.




The game should start even before entering the castle. One scans the marker and brings the box in front of your eyes. A short tracking shot around the castle begins, which ends just before the entrance of  the castle.

A menu appears with the commands "Start game". "End game" or possibly an "Options" command, in which the quality can be adjusted.

The selection into the menu is made by looking into the center of the image. There you will find a small dot which functions as a kind of crosshair. By means of the built-in gyroscope gyroscope and accelerometer in the smartphone, the crosshairs move  with the movement of the head. If you direct the dot to one of the commands, it is executed.

This is made clear by a small loading ring that moves around the target cross.

If you start the game, it begins in front of the entrance to the castle.
A voice from off-screen and a small lettering appear with the task "Find your way inside the castle!". After the entrance to the castle is made through the main portal, a small loading beam appears to load the inner rooms of the castle.
Once inside the castle, you can move around the vestibule. As so you reach the back of the room, a new task will appear:

"We are being watched, examine the room from which we are being watched!

You have to search the winding Room and find the painting of the pirate. Its eye is cut out and a "real" eye or 3D modeled eye is  watching the player. If you have discovered the peeping eye, or shone the flashlight on it, the game is over and you have won.

A writing appears with exactly this statement. The environment and and all rooms are constantly peppered with noises and sounds and are accompanied by music, which can also be selected or turned on and off.











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