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THE boxx3D

The "boxx 3D" is a development by the advertising agency Die Etage GmbH. Andree Josef, the managing director of the Agency. The real idea was to develop a box that could hold the smartphone placed inside and covered with a lid. It became little lenses used to create a stereoscopic effect. As a dummy served an “iPhone Box”, so to speak the packaging of the “iPhone”. A hole is made on the lower side edges, which allows access to the display, if it is necessary for an app. On the bottom of the box is a foam mat on which the phone is placed to protect it from scratches. Furthermore, a small foam wedge is placed in the middle of the display placed before you put the lid on the bottom of the box to cover the Stabilize smartphone in the box. All in all, the Boxx 3D enables a real 360-degree panorama experience in virtual rooms. Supported smartphones The Boxx 3D supports a large number of current smartphones. The manufacturer is irrelevant in this case. Only the external dimensions and a built-in gyroscope are crucial


Another task was to fix the existing stereoscopic box that so-called boxx 3D, to be revised. The task was to make them more compact and manageable so that there is the possibility of using them as a "giveaway", for example. The first noticeable flaw with the box was the rigid lenses that were tight were integrated and there was no way to adjust them. Since everyone has a different eye relief, one would be Adjustment option advantageous. But also with the fact that each If the display has a different resolution or inch size, this is useful. Then the complete box was rebuilt and for example In addition, a cavity is placed where the nose sits so that it is possible to reduce the distance between the eyes and the lenses to give more depth to the stereoscopic image. The bottom of the box has been redesigned to ensure the tracking of markers (tracking = image recognition for further application information). I punched a hole in the position where the Cameras of most smartphones are placed. The marker tracking is ready to start the planned application. It affects but also the course of the game. 3D objects can be added to the game, for example. The adjustment of the lenses, works by a sliding mechanism, which consists of additional parts made as a prototype

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