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The choice of armor or breastplate was quite clear from the start and was therefore not really difficult. Only A decision was necessary in the choice of the coat of arms, which is embossed on the breastplate.

One attempt was to put the emblem in the context of the story, i.e. a variant was to put a lock in the coat of arms to include. However, this variant was not included in the final model, as the level of detail of the The texture in the area of ​​the coat of arms was not high enough to recognize a lock of the corresponding size can. The choice fell on a lion, which was very often to be found on medieval armor and thus one has a high recognition value.

Some places on the 3D model are slightly angular. The number of poligons plays an important role. The lower the number the poligone, the more angular is the shape of the respective object. This fact is tried in computer game development to counteract this by means of the texture in order to give the object a three-dimensional appearance.


When choosing the helmet, the optics were tested in the form of sketched variations. The choice fell on the last one Helmet in the list of variations, as it also has a certain recognition value in many ways. Such Helmets can often be found in horror and cartoon films or in comics.

It is the helmet with the drawn-out, pointed face protection. That is why the choice fell on a model with the ones described Elements and properties.

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