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The castle is supposed to give a gloomy impression in order to make the basic mood of the game eerie. The sources of inspiration were pictures of palaces and old castles, as well as those of haunted houses.


Some illustrations of the old book cover of the American three question mark variant, on which a lock or theirs Outlines could be seen were sources of inspiration.


The towers should have pointed roofs, as this is an essential part of castles and only flat castles Own spiers. There should also be many small towers in the architecture of the castle. The large entrance portal should convey a very massive and rustic construction. Large wooden blanks and huge rivets should be included reinforce the impression. In addition, by using a material in the 3DsMax program, it is possible to that two materials are represented in one object. This was used for the entrance portal to the to give metallic applications a metallic sheen and the texture of the wood elements a matt wood look. A coarse wall structure, several small towers and pointed roofs should be used, as such elements are used a variety of castles occur.


Thus, the castle should give the player a gloomy atmosphere at the first impression, since it is a haunted castle acts.

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