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Protagonist INQU


The protagonist INQU has an inquisitive character. He distinguishes himself through his
advanced technical comprehension and abilities. His society’s rules and conformities do not
satisfy him.
Wrapped around his right arm his self-made <<matter builder>> is the most vital tool, which
causes the surrounding matter to re-create. He makes up his decision to loosen the bonds of
his tight-regulated life and embarks on the journey to the origin of his world.
His journey leads him to vast ruins of ancient cities – formerly inhabited by myriads of
On his dangerous and eerie trip in the wastelands of Yatal he encounters a very old industrial
complex, which hides a bigger secret than you could ever imagine.

(created with 3DS Max, ZBrush, Substance Painter and Photoshop)

Rotate the object by moving the mouse while holding the left button.

Zoom in on the object using the mouse wheel.

You can also rotate the light source by holding down the Alt key and the left mouse button.

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