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Wrapped around his right arm his self-made <<matter builder>> is the most vital tool, which
causes the surrounding matter to re-create. He makes up his decision to loosen the bonds of
his tight-regulated life and embarks on the journey to the origin of his world.

The protagonist INQU wears it in his arm because he has a cavity in his forearm due to its anatomy. It can only be controlled by its highly complicated method of operation. Again, this is only possible because the protagonist has a second pair of thumbs due to his highly developed anatomy.

Due to the limited time available for my master's thesis, I was not able to include the matter designer as a functional tool in the final demo. So you only see it as a concept and in the trailer, carried by the protagonist INQU.

(created with 3DS Max, ZBrush and Substance Painter)

Rotate the object by moving the mouse while holding the left button.

Zoom in on the object using the mouse wheel.

You can also rotate the light source by holding down the Alt key and the left mouse button.

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