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This special vehicle was constructed and built by the protagonist. It is a hover which blazes
it’s trail through the ancient world’s dunes.
The extraordinary design of the desert hover lies in it’s construction. The Xyltron is built
from the remains of old vehicles and flight apparatuses. It’s function is similar to that one of
a jet ski engine. It drags-in sand instead of water and ejects it to move forward. The energy
source is conducted by a fuel cell of the ancient world. The steering mechanism is based on
an elaborate ventilation system: It uses it’s two rotor-less fans to compress a gaseous
dispersing medium to target a steering effect.

Rotate the object by moving the mouse while holding the left button.

Zoom in on the object using the mouse wheel.

You can also rotate the light source by holding down the Alt key and the left mouse button.

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